Annual Conference Of Indian Society Of Transfusion Medicine

Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme

transmedcon- 2018

Scientific Programme
Day 1 23 November 2018
8.30-9.00Day 1    23 November 2018    Friday
Plenary Session
9.00-9.15Evoking an Integrated Approach: Conference ThemeSusheela Innah
9.15-9.40Research in Transfusion MedicineRajendra Chaudhary
9.40-10.05Innovations in Transfusion MedicineR N Makroo
10.05-10.20Administrative Role of Transfusion Medicine SpecialistsManisha Shrivastava
ISTM - BC Sangal Oration
10.20-10.50Haemovigilance in India-From Policy to PracticeNeelam Marwaha
10.50-11.00Tea Break
ISBT Session - Best of ISBT Toronto
11.00-11.30RHD Hemolytic Disease of Fetus and NewbornEllen van der Schoot
11.30-12.00Changing Practice: The Pitfalls of Audits and Feedback : Are there Limitations to Guidelines?Simon Stanworth
12.00-12.30The Renewed ISBT Code of EthicsJudith Chapman
12.30-13.00EQAS in ImmunohematologyJenny White
13.00-14.00Lunch Break
Transplant Immunology Session 1APlatelets Session 1B
14.00-14.20 Role of Anti-MICA Antibodies in Renal Transplant PatientsMohit Chowdhry14.00-14.20 Platelet Serology in Neonatal ThrombocytopeniaC Shivaram
14.20-14.40 Quality Control & Accreditation in HLA LabDolly Daniel14.20-14.40 Platelet Transfusion in Refractory PatientsR R Sharma
14.40-15.00 HLA Typing: BMT Physician's PerspectiveChandran K Nair14.40-14.50 Flowcytometry in Platelet DisordersAnil Handoo
Stem Cell Program Session 2ADonor Management Session 2B
15.10-15.30 Stem Cell Apheresis and Mobilisation ProtocolsAnil Khetarpal15.10-15.30 Error Management in Blood CollectionRavneet Kaur
15.30-15.50 Cryopreservation Protocols for hematopoetic Stem Cells Satyam Arora15.30-15.50 Challenges in Sero-Reactive Donor CounsellingTulika Chandra
15.50-16.10 Granulocyte Transfusions in Neutropenia-A Game Changer ? Sabita Basu15.50-16.10 Medication and Donor Deferral: Science Behind ItAbhishekh B Gowda
16.10-16.30 Protocols of Donor Lymphocyte InfusionRasika Setia16.10-16.30 Managing Emergencies in Blood Donation RoomNishanth Menon
16.30-16.40 Technologist award oral paper16.30-16.40 Technologist award oral paper
16.40-16.50 Free Paper16.40-16.50 Free Paper
16.50-17.00 Free Paper16.50-17.00 Free Paper
17.00-17.20 Free Paper17.00-17.20 Free Paper
17.20-17.30 Free Paper17.20-17.30 Free Paper
17.30-18.30Poster Walk
19:00 OnwardsInauguration ,award distribution and Dinner
Day 2 24 November 2018
Day 2    24 November 2018    Saturday
Meet the Professor
07:00-08:00Dr Simon Stanworth
08:00-08:10Free paper08:00-08:10Free paper
08:10-08:20Free paper08:10-08:20Free paper
08:20-08:30Free paper08:20-08:30Free paper
08:30-08:40Free paper08:30-08:40Free paper
08:40-08:50Free paper08:40-08:50Free paper
09:00-10:00Plenary -TRAVANCORE HALL
09:00-09:30Mortality Reduction in Massive Hemorrhage! How can a Transfusion Consultant Help? Klaus Gorlinger
09:30-09:55Whole Blood Automation Anupam Chhabra
Hemostasis,Bleeding and Transfusion Session 3ACytapheresis Session 3B
10:00-10:20ROTEM for Transfusion DecisionsSukesh C Nair10:00-10:20Therapeutic Leucapheresis in LeukemiaRekha Hans
10:20-10:40Quality Control in Coagulation LabSitalakshmi S10:20-10:40Optimising Pediatric Apheresis collectionsRima Kusumgar
10:40-11:00Managing Hemostasis in Hemophilia PatientsNeeraj Sidharthan10:40-11:00Collection Performance Matrix in Mononuclear cell CollectionRasika Setia
11:00-11:20TEA BREAK
Immunohematology Session 4A NAT Testing Session 4B
11:20-11:40Applications of Select cells in ImmunohematologyAseem Tiwari 11:20-11:40Performance Evaluation of NAT Assays and Role of QC in NAT testingNico Lelie
11:40-12:00A new approach in classification of the ABO blood group discrepancies Sanmukh Joshi11:40-12:00Occult Hepatitis B: Tip of the IcebergAnand Deshpande
12:00-12:20DAT Negative AIHASudipta Sekhar Das 12:00-12:20NAT Testing Cost Utility AnalysisGita Negi
12:20-12:40Non-Blood Group Antibodies: A Nuisance in ImmunohematologyShamee Shastry 12:20-12:30ISTM Award :JG Jolly award paper presentation
12:40-13:00Molecular Basis of Weak D in IndiaSwati Kulkarni 12:30-13:00DEBATE :Centralization of Transfusion Services
Naveen Agnihotri,Aikaj Jindal,Prasun Bhattacharya,Karishma Doshi
13:00-14:00LUNCH BREAK
Quality Assurance Session 5A Administrative Issues Session 5B
14:00-14:20Role of Hospital transfusion committee in Blood SafetyDebasish Gupta 14:00-14:20Designing a Blood CenterJoy Mammen
14:20-14:40Nonconformities in Audits: Experience of An AssessorGajendra Gupta 14:20-14:40Innovations in Blood Bank Information SystemMaitreya Gajjar
14:40-15:00Process Control in Component LaboratorySunil Rajadhyaksha 14:40-15:00Audit of Blood Transfusion Services- A WHO InitiativeMeena D
15:00-15:30Panel Discussion: Platelet Based Clinical Therapy Session 6A 15:00-15:30Panel discussion on Neonatal Transfusion Practice Session 6B
Moderator: Rajeshwari BasavannaModerator: Ganesh Mohan
P S Dhot, Naveen Agnihotri, Aboobacker Mohamed Rafi, Anupam Verma, R Krishnamoorthy, Hemchandra Pandey
Vineeth (Orthopedics)Rakhi Balachandran (Pediatric Cardiac anaesthesia)
Sashidharan P (Neonatology)
15:30-15:40TEA BREAK
Solid Organ transplantation Session 7A QUIZ
15:40-16:00Desensitisation in HLA and ABOincompatible Renal TxPrashant PandeyQuiz MasterAikaj Jindal
16:00-16:20Therapeutic plasma exchange in Acute liver failureDeepti Sachan15:40-16:45Semi Final Round 1
16:20-16:40Transfusion Support in Cadaveric and Live Donor Liver TxSurekha Devi15:40-16:45Semi Final Round 1
Leucoreduction Session 8A16:45-17:30 Final Round
16:40-17:00Quality Assurance in Leucoreduction ProcessRajesh Sawant
17:00-17:20Leucoreduction - Past, Present, and FuturePrashant Agarwal
17:30-18:30AGM of ISTM
19.30 onwardsGALA DINNER
Day 3 25 November 2018
Day 3    25 November 2018    Sunday
Travancore hallMalabar Hall
08:00-08:10 Free Paper08:00-08:10 Free Paper
08:10-08:20 Free Paper08:10-08:20 Free Paper
08:20-08:30 Free Paper08:20-08:30 Free Paper
08:30-08:40 Free Paper08:30-08:40 Free Paper
08:40-08:50 Free Paper08:40-08:50 Free Paper
08:50-09:00 Free Paper08:50-09:00 Free Paper
How Do I - Session 9AHow Do I - Session 9A
09:00-09:20How Do I Implement Good Bedside Transfusion PracticesPriti Elhence09:00-09:20 Cryopreservation of RBC and Platelets in a Military SettingJoseph Philip
09:20-09:40Transfusion Support in Critically Ill: Issues and ChallengesMeenu Bajpai09:20-09:40 CAR T Cell Technology: Indian ScenarioRahul Purwar
09:40-10:00Platelet crossmatch : Role and feasibility in Oncology Set UpPriti Desai09:40-10:00 How Transfusion Medicine can Evolve to Achieve Horizons inPuneet Jain
10:00-10:20How Do I Set Up a Thalassemia Day Care CentreAtul Sonkar10:00-10:20Next Generation Sequencing in HLA labAnkit Mathur
10:20-10:30Tea Break
Legislation and Accreditation - Session 10ATransfusion Transmitted Infections Session 10B
10:30-10:50Grey Areas in Licencing and AccreditationNidhi Bhatnagar10:30-10:50Screening for Syphilis and Donor NotificationNarinder Naidu
10:50-11:10Role of quality indicators in blood bankBharat Singh10:50-11:10 Bacterial detection in platelets Shashank Ojha
11:10-11:30Current Status of NABH accreditation for Blood Banks in IndiaBindu Madhav Yenigalla11:10-11:30Transfusion transmitted Infections testing in Stem cell donors Sumathi S H
Hematological Disorders - Session 11APanel Discussion 11B
TIMETOPICSPEAKERTIMEAntenatal Alloimmunisation: Panel DiscussionSPEAKER
11:30-11:50Updates in Management of ITPK C Usha11:30-12:15Moderator:Arun R
11.50-12.10Red Cell Exchange in Sickle Cell DiseaseJoshua DanielSangeeta Pahuja,Gagandeep Kaur
12:10-12:30Establishing Comprehensive Hemophilia Care CenterVijay KumarRahul Kataria,Veena Shenoy,Vivek Krishnan
Year in Review - Session 12APanel Discussion 12B
TIMETOPICSPEAKERTIMEBleed or Not to Bleed Donor :Panel DiscussionSPEAKER
12:30-12:50Pathogen reduction :Available techniques and Current status.Anju Dubey12.15-13:00Moderator : Vijay Kumawat
12:50-13:10Use of Tranexemic Acid to Reduce Blood Loss and Transfusion RequirementsShaiji PSNitin Agarwal,Archana Solanki
13:10-13:30Evidence on effective Hemoglobin Thresholds for red cell transfusionsChitra ElizabethSajith Menon,Mohandoss Murugesan
13.30 OnwardsValedictory Function followed by Lunch
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Conference Secretariat

Dr. Veena Shenoy
Organising Secretary
Department of Transfusion Medicine,
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences
Ponekkara, Edappally, Ernakulam - 682041

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